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Black Garden Gate


Late 2015, I went through a life altering experience that lead me deep into my shadow work. Out of that experience I regained my strength and my magic. I bought a tarot deck again, began practicing rituals and limpias that I remembered. I was reading books again, took online courses, and learned from practitioners around the world about traditional and modern witchcraft, along with how to use and incorporate different tools in my existing practice, I did all this hidden from my family and friend for years. 

In 2021, like many trying to stay busy, I took a virtual workshop on broom making not knowing anything about artisan brooms. I gained a tremendous respect for it and although it is not a craft passed down to me by family, it is a craft that calls me, challenges me and brings joy. By October, my close friends and family encouraged me to share my brooms/besoms with others. My offerings have included hand-rolled Beeswax candles dressed and fixed with herbs, hand-poured spell candles, incense blends, mal de ojo bracelets, crystal floral wands and more. 

- All creations and offerings are charged, fixed, blessed, and packaged only by me before they are shipped - 

My Magic
I am a solitary and private practitioner and do not follow a set belief or religion, but I appreciate engaging and discussing magia with other practitioners.